Estate Planning

Estate Planning

How do I name a guardian for my kids?

January 30, 2017

If you have small children, you have probably asked, “How do I name a guardian for my kids if something happens to me?” It’s an important question to ask yourself. Unfortunately, all too many parents stop at that step. Or they tell their parents or brother or friend that they want them to take care of the kids if something happens. And they think they’re good to go. Wrong.

The ONLY way to name a guardian for your kids in Missouri is in a valid will. You can tell whomever you want, write it up in a word document and give it to someone, or post it all over Facebook. None of those will work. You have to put it in your will.

The kids in the picture are mine. They are the reason my wife and I have a good will in place.

So, if you have minor children, you absolutely have to get a will. In my experience, parents usually have a strong opinion about who should raise their children if they can’t. Many times they have an even stronger opinion about they don’t want to raise their kids. If you want a say in who has that role, you need to get a good will in place. If you don’t make the decision, a judge will make it for you (and for your kids).

The good news is that getting your will done is really a very easy process. At my firm, most couples are done in two meetings and just a couple weeks. Also, if I prepare your wills, I can be there for your family if the worst happens to ensure your wishes are carried out. Contact me for an appointment.

Even if you don’t use my firm to prepare your will, PLEASE get a good one in place. If you’re reading this post, you obviously know this is important. Take the next step and get it done.