E.P. – Estate Planning Client

Nathan Jones has been an incredible resource for me through all of my major life decisions. When I was married, he explained the need for me to have a plan for all my assets and my children upon my death. He pointed out that regardless of how wealthy (or not wealthy) I thought I was, that it would be a gift to my children and family left behind to take care of what needed taking care of while I could. It felt amazing and so “grown-up” of me to have all of my affairs in order, as they say. Then, when I was divorced, Nathan helped me navigate a new path as a single mom. Lastly, when I decided to form my own company, Nathan was my first call and helped me every step of the way, from preparing all necessary documents to filing them to communicating the needs and changes to the rest of my “board of advisors” (banker, insurance agent, financial planner). Bottom line, Nathan’s my guy, and I trust him with my entire life.